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About Novel



Novel Energy Technologies (N.E.T.) is a leading corporate with main office in Europe and Asia and lots of underlines all over the world to provide customers the complete accurate and reliable process solutions, key equipment, engineering design, project management, quality control and after sales service.


Upon our team’s many decades professional experience in researching and developing, with our latest and patented novel technical solutions and key equipment, we provide our clients in the Oil & Gas, Petrochemical, Fine Chemical, Coal Chemical, Natural Gas Pipeline, Gas Treating Plant, LNG, Power Generation, Paper Making, Environment Protection, Offshore and Onshore industries the following mentioned technologies and products which covering high performance efficiency gas-liquid separation and coalescing process technologies, gas-solid filtration separation process technologies, liquid-liquid separation and coalescing process technologies, gas-oil-water separation and coalescing process technologies and 4-phase separation and coalescing process technologies in which involved of feather vane type separators, salt particles and mists separators, umbrella vane type separators, multi-cyclone demister separators, multi-cyclone deduster separators, candled element filters, candled element coalescers, combined separators/filters and coalescers, feather vane type coalescers, 3(4)-phase separators with composited weir and compartments, towers packings internals and list goes on and on.


Against the background of booming industries in Asia, Novel sets up a new branch in Beijing as one of most significant offices with its main tasks to provide excellent patented technologies, products and close services to China customers & projects, and make process separation equipment sub-fabrication locally in China.


Commitment to Our Customers 我们向客户承诺提供:

➣Highest quality, efficiency and most competitive product 世界一流质量、运行效率和最具竞争力技术及其核心产品

➣On-time delivery 交期准时

➣Customized solutions 客户针对性定制方案

➣Committed customer service 满意的客户服务

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