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Novel's research and development work has been started from 1990s and boomed in 2010s. So far, some typical patents about separation technologies of gas/liquid/solid mixed flow and controlled release technologies of fertilizers in petrochemical, refinery, coal-chemical, fertilizers, enviromental protechtion fields and so on have been listed as below,


☆ Patent Ultra-low Emissions & DP Feather Vane Separators Located in the Stacks of Thermal Power Boilers , with Patent No. 202320282525.3.   热电锅炉烟气超低排放烟道内置低压降羽叶分离装置(组态专利),专利号:   202320282525.3.

☆ Patent Chimney Gas Desulfurization & Carbon Dioxide Reduction Integrated Unit Adopted with Feather Vane Separation Technologies, with Patent No. 202220004783.0.   采用羽叶分离技术的烟气脱硫及二氧化碳减排一体化装置(组态专利),专利号: 202220004783.0.

☆ Patent Liquid Sulfur Entrained Gas Separation Unit Adopted with Feather Vane Separation Technology, with Patent No. 202220004791.5.   采用羽叶分离技术的含液硫气体分离装置(组态专利),专利号: 202220004791.5.

☆ Patent on PP Dry Gas Purification System Adopted with Swirling Spray Valves and Feather Vane Separation Units, with Patent No. 202120919395.0   含旋喷及羽叶分离装置的聚丙烯干燥气净化系统(组态专利),专利号: 202120919395.0.

☆ Patent Non-condensable Gas Separating Unit Adopted with Feather Vane Separation & Reflection Technologies, with Patent No. 202120089118.1.   采用羽叶分离反射技术的不凝气分离装置(组态专利),专利号:202120089118.1.

☆ Patent Recycling Reaction System with Flexible Configuration, with Patent No. 202020878596.6.   一种柔性配置的循环反应系统(组态专利),专利号: 202020878596.6.

☆ Patent Chimney Gas Achromatic Equipment of Rain-Eliminator Joint Deicer with Feather Vane Separating, Swirling Spray and Heat Transferring Technologies, with Patent No. 201921805233.3.   含羽叶旋喷热转移技术的烟气消雨除冰消色装置(组态专利),专利号: 201921805233.3.

☆ Patent with name of Heat Pump Secondary Steam Separation Section with Spraying , Feather Vane Desalting & Anti-Blocking and Liquid Collection Systems, with Patent No. 201920317046.4.   配置洗涤-羽叶分离-收液系统的热泵二次蒸汽分离室(组态专利),专利号:201920317046.4.

☆ Patent with name of Liquid-Solid-Gas Separation System with Anti-blocking & Long-term Operation Characters in FCCU Off-gas Treatment, with Patent No. 201820433644.3.   抗堵塞长周期运行的烟气湿法脱硫气液固分离系统(组态专利),专利号: 201820433644.3.   

☆ Patent   with name of Steam Gas Separator Equiped with Feather Vane Internals   in MVR, with Patent No. 201820338025.6.   采用羽叶分离技术的蒸发器二次蒸汽分离装置(组态专利),专利号: 201820338025.6.

☆ Patent with name of Special Off Gas Desulphuring Tower Section with Feather Vane Demisters Equiped in Sulphur Recovery Unit, with Patent No. 201721586655.7.   采用羽叶分离技术的硫磺装置烟气脱硫洗涤塔节组态结构(组态专利),专利号: 201721586655.7.

☆ Patents with name of Reflecting Flow Cycloning Separators with Tangential Inlet Devices , with Patent No. 201621146201.3.   切向入口分离总成及使用该分离总成的反射流旋流分离器(组态专利),专利号: 201621146201.3.

☆ One Sort of Dynamic Separation Novel Vane Internal with High Performance Efficiency in Gas-Liquid Separating Treatment, with Patent No. 201420018053.1.   一种新型高效动力学气液分离羽叶片(结构专利),专利号: 201420018053.1.

☆ One Sort of Novel Separator with Dynamic Novel Vane Internal with High Performance Efficiency in Gas-Liquid Separating Treatment, with Patent No. 201420090064.0.   一种新型高效动力学羽叶片式气液分离器(组态专利),专利号:201420090064.0.

☆ One Sort of Novel Reflecting Flow Multi-Cyclones Dynamic Separator in Gas-Solid/Liquid Separating Treatment, with Patent No. 201420123816.9.   一种新型高效反射流多因子旋流子母分离器(组态专利),专利号:201420123816.9.

☆ One Kind of Controlled Release Multi-Elements Fertilizer, with Patent No. 1993111874.3   一种新型多元控制释放肥体技术专利,专利号:1993111874.3

And what’s more, several pieces of technologies possessed by Novel have been prepared to submit Patent Bureau recently.


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