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Patent F-Vane Separator with Long-term Operation in FCCU granted to Novel 重催烟气长周期运行专用羽叶分离除雾器专利获颁

发表时间:2019-01-25 00:00


Patent with name of   Liquid-Solid-Gas Separation System with Anti-blocking & Long-term Operation Characters in FCCU Off-gas Treatment has granted to Novel by National Patent Bureau in Nov., 2018. With the above mentioned patent and its advantages of anti-blocking, high performance efficiency, high stability, wide range of turn-down and overloading characters, the heavy troubles such as falling droplets as well as salts in chimney gas, internals blocked under very high operating pressure drop in FCCU chimney gas treatment which with adopting the conventional WGS Process or EDV Process, have been perfectly settled out.


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