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DSM Pointed Feather Vane Demisters in (NH4)2SO4 MVR Successfully Accepted  荷兰帝国矿业指定NOVEL专利羽叶分离器成功交接

发表时间:2019-01-25 00:00


4 sets of pointed feather vane type demisters in (NH4)2SO4 MVR with ID 7600mm, has passed 3 months precommissioning and test stage and been successfully accepted by Europen DSM HQs in Aug., 2016. These demisters with project owner DSM pointed feather vane technologies have been professional designed by Novel HQs within 2 weeks and been fabricated by Novel China domestic plant under HQs technical supports and QA/QC management with 1.5 months.   

4 台套直径达7600mm的指定羽叶型式的硫酸铵多效蒸发结晶器除沫器,于2016年8月完成为期3个月试运行并成功通过荷兰国家矿业公司欧洲总部测试和接收。这些由项目业主荷兰国家矿业公司指定羽叶技术的特殊除沫器,由Novel总部2周内完成专业技术设计,并在Novel总部技术支持和QA/QC管理下由Novel中国本土工厂在1个半月内完成制造。

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