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Patent Chimney Gas Achromatic Equipment with Feather Vane Separating Tech含羽叶旋喷热转移技术的烟气消雨除冰消色装置专利获得授权

发表时间:2020-12-22 11:24

Another new patent on Chimney Gas Achromatic Equipment of Rain-Eliminator Joint Deicer with Feather Vane Separating, Swirling Spray and Heat Transferring Technologies was granted to Novel by National Patent Bureau in Sep., 2020. With the above mentioned patent and its advantages of outstanding performance efficiency, excellent stability, wide range of turn-down and overloading characters, anti-blocking and perfect energy-saving character, the terrible bad problems such as huge energy consumption, long strong white steam chimney dragon, droplets falling in chimney gas down to the ground around the unit and ice formed on the piping surface and the ground surface in winter to cause operators and unit safety hazards, have been perfectly settled out.


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