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Letter for Customers to Beware of Illegal Companies under Guise of Novel  警惕不法商家假借NOVEL名义行商提示函

发表时间:2022-09-21 15:25

Open Letter Reminding Customers to Beware of Illegal Companies under Guise of Novel


Dear Customers,


Thank you for your consistent technical recognition and mutual recommendation on the excellent performance of Novel‘s separation technologies and equipment in the practical application of your projects through Novel proprietary accurate dynamic separation calculation and configuration design system platforms in recent years.   


Recently, customers told us there were some illegal companies to push their fake products to customers under the name of Novel Authorization or Technical Solutions from the famous expert in Beijing Mr. Luo Li who had transferred from Novel and joined the illegal companies in order to make customers trust the fake products.


Herein, In order to avoid the economic loss caused by the illegal fake counterfeits and delicts mentioned, we Novel would like to favorably declare to all customers that Mr. Luo Li has been engaged in the position of Chief Engineer in Novel Energy Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd since 2015 for his many years famous reputation in Dynamic Separation Industry, and even today Mr. Luo Li has been in the position of the Corporate Legal Representative and the Managing Director in Novel Energy Technologies (Beijing) Co. Ltd., which evidentially shows that Mr. Luo Li has been in Novel and never transferred from Novel to rejoin and serve any other companies except Novel. If some companies say that their products with technologies have been authorized by Novel or their technical solutions have been made by Mr. Luo Li himself, please let the companies bring forth the Certificate of Authorization with signature of Mr. Luo Li and issued by Novel. Moreover, we Novel call on our customers to actively resist them and provide us with information clues about the fake and the illegal. Our company will firmly select the legal approaches to defend the common interests of our customers and Novel. For information about the fake counterfeits and illegal delicts as above, please contact us Novel and Mr. Luo Li as following:


Email: or

邮箱: or

Hotline:+86- 010 5266 7338.

热线电话:+86- 010-5266 7338

QQ: 2755 9047 53

Mobile Phone Number of Mr. Luo Li: +86-13811739448.

罗力先生手机号码: +86-13811739448


Novel Energy Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd.


Sep 21, 2022



Sep 21, 2022


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