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Ultra-LE & DPFV Separators in Stacks of TP Boilers  granted to Novel 热电锅炉烟气超低排放烟道内置低压降羽叶分离装置获得专利授权

发表时间:2023-06-13 11:17

In Jun, 2023,new patent Ultra-low Emissions & DP Feather Vane Separators Located in the Stacks of Thermal Power Boilers was granted to Novel by National Patent Bureau. With the above mentioned patent unit’s outstanding advantages such as anti-blocking, ultra-low operating pressure loss and excellent performance efficiency characters, the operating troubles of the conventional thermal power boilers stack gas desulfurization units such as frequent blocks, pressure-building and droplets entrained in stack gas emissions have been perfectly settled out by adopting the patented technologies.


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