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P4/6 Type Block-Proofing HPE Feather Vane Separators to Steam Compressors P4/6型蒸发器二次蒸汽压缩机热专用羽叶分离除沫器

P4/6 Type Block-Proofing HPE Feather Vane Separators to Steam Compressors P4/6型蒸发器二次蒸汽压缩机热专用羽叶分离除沫器


Novel P4/6 type patented configuration feather vane type demister proprietary internals have been installed in the pointed inside or outside sites of MVR vessel per dynamic principles, in order to remove the droplets from the evaporation steam produced by MVR with high performance separation efficiency and high block-proofing characteristics, which can protect the heat-pumps, steam compressors or other steam machines in the down stream from damages by much big size droplets or crystal particles, and can avoid the collection of droplets or crystal particles in the down stream pipes and the relevant corrosion damages, as well as the excess emissions of salts and Nitrogen element in ammonia entrained in off gas and condensates.   

诺卫 P4/6型专利组态结构形式的羽叶分离除沫器专有内件,按照流体动力学要求布置在蒸发结晶浓缩器内部或外部指定位置,高效分离脱除多效蒸发浓缩结晶器产生的二次蒸汽中携带的液滴液沫,并对分离过程析出的结晶盐粒具有高效抗堵塞性能。其可保护下游热泵、蒸气压缩机及其它用汽设备免遭液滴液沫和结晶盐粒损坏,并可避免这些液滴液沫和结晶盐粒在下游管线设备积聚造成腐蚀损失,以及避免排放气和凝液盐类和氨氮超标。

Performance Efficiency: 99.9%.


Objective Mist Sizes: Common for the range 3-10 microns and larger, especially for crystal particles block-proofing.


Operating Pressure Drop of Internals: Always less than 0.4 KPa, and can reach much lower level as per customers’ special requirement.

内件运行压降:通常低于0.4KPa, 并可根据客户特殊要求设计提供更低压降水平的内件。

Operating Temperature: Always below 520 degree C.


Operating Pressure: Always within -0.1~2.5MPaG.


Separator Main Materials: SS304, SS304L, SS316和SS316L.


Circle Life: > 20 years for internals.


Maintenance: Without internals spare parts, low cost of fabrication, operation and maintenance.


Major Application: Ammonia Liquior MVR evaporation Steam Feather Vane Demisters in CPL plant, Mother Liquior Concentrators Evaporation Steam Feather Vane Demisters in salts production plants, Diluted Acids Concentrators Evaporation Steam Feather Vane Demisters for waste acids reuse in alkylation/sulfonation/nitration plants, Falling-film/Climbing-film Evaporators Feather Vane Demisters for solvents recovery in fine chemical plants, Waste Salts Liquior MVR Evaporation Steam Feather Vane Demisters in SWRO plant or waste water treatment plant, and other similar cases.


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